Sarah-Jane O'Keeffe

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Sarah-Jane O


Sarah-Jane is a director in the Corporate Governance and Compliance Department. Sarah-Jane has over 15 years’ experience in Corporate and legal matters.

Sarah-Jane is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, ISIP and holds a B.A. in Business with Law from DCU. She is also a licensed insolvency practitioner and appointment holder having been appointed the First Female examiner by the Circuit Court, in the history of the legislation, and a liquidator on a voluntary and in voluntary basis to a number of Companies.

Sarah-Jane has extensive experience in advising companies on Company law matters and examining companies from a statutory and commercial perspective. Sarah-Jane works closely with both domestic and international clients advising on best practice in terms of governance and compliance.

Sarah-Jane acts as liquidator and manages Members Voluntary Liquidation (“MVL”) team. She extensive experience dealing with MVL’S Liquidations and taking clients through the MVL process from start to finish. Sarah-Jane was a contributor to the Chartered Accountants Ireland’s 2021 publication ‘A Practical Guide to Examinership’.