Our Financial Services Industry offerings

We provide robust, timely, practical and pragmatic solutions to our clients’ business issues. We also strive to maintain the highest quality standards in everything we do, thus ensuring that stakeholders can rely on the work we undertake. Our team has represented a broad range of audit and advisory clients across the sector, ranging from start-ups to medium and large-sized groups including:

  • Investment Managers and Advisers

We regularly advise investment firms and advisers that are regulated under MiFID 2, and under the domestic regime of the IIA on all aspects of audit and compliance.

  • Investment Funds

We provide specialist audit and compliance services to regulated and un-regulated investment funds including:

  • Regulated funds such as QIAIFs and UCITS funds
  • Different types of investment structures, including ICAVs, Part 24 Investment Companies, Limited Partnerships under the 1907 Act etc.
  • Fund Service Providers

We have broad experience in providing audit and compliance services to fund service providers, including:

  • UCITS Man-cos and Super Man-cos
  • AIFMs
  • Fund Administrators
  • Depositaries


  • Insurance Brokers and Investment Intermediaries

We provide a full range of audit and advisory services to regulated brokers and intermediaries that are regulated under:

  • MiFID 2
  • IDD
  • IIA


  • E-Money and Payment Services Firms

We have successfully advised several firms authorised and registered under the E-Money Regulations and the Payment Services Regulations, including:

  • Payment Initiation Service Providers
  • Account Information Service Provider
  • Authorised and registered E-Money Institutions

Our Financial Services team comprises experts across several disciplines including:


Azets Financial Services offer cost-effective, efficient, and services of the highest quality to the financial services industry in Ireland. Lead by our Financial Services Leader Darren Shipp, a partner with over 30 years of experience, our dedicated team of experts operate out of our offices in Dublin and the Southeast of Ireland through our Enniscorthy office. We are a team who prides themselves on client service and adding value to our customers and hence our senior staff are always available for a phone call or onsite visit.

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Switching to Azets

Switching to a new auditor or service provider can be a daunting experience but you have our commitment that we will make this process as swift and seamless as possible. Our team will work with you to manage the whole process, including working with your previous auditors or service providers to ensure a smooth handover.

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We are ready to help

With 230 colleagues and 4 offices in Dublin, Enniscorthy and Waterford, Azets is part of a team of 7,500 talented, smart people across our international office network. Offering a personal, local approach to supporting Irish businesses, if you’re looking for peace of mind, expert advice and more time, we’re ready to help.


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Audit and assurance

Statutory Audit and Assurance Services

  • Statutory audit by experienced professionals who understand your business
  • Preparation of accounts in line with requirements of IFRS, Irish GAAP, etc.
  • Risk based approach to audit and assurance services.

Get a reliable professional audit with highly personal service

All robust assurance work requires integrity and rigour, but we combine these with a deeply personal approach, and we build each project around the specific risks and challenges faced by your organisation. We stay at the forefront of the latest technical updates and market data, making sure that the most relevant insights get filtered to you. And we work hard to ensure that our service feels as effortless as possible, with minimal disruption to your everyday operations.

Progress your business today, in easy-to-follow steps

Highly commended by our clients, our personal approach is renowned for adding value to the audit process and businesses we work with. When you choose Azets, you’ll be supported by a local point of contact who understands your business and marketplace whilst benefitting from the backing of a local and international team, with broad experience and expertise.

With every project, we use our skills and experience to provide valuable, independent insight into your organisation and suggest improvements to your processes, controls, and key performance indicators. We highlight the risks and opportunities for development, challenging you appropriately while offering concrete next steps for how to progress.

We’re here to take the weight off your shoulders

Maintaining your customers’ and stakeholders’ confidence in your business is vital to your success. But with the audit landscape changing fast, and any investigation into your finances being potentially disruptive to your day-to-day work, it’s common for companies to find audit and assurance time-consuming and stressful.

Our specialist team doesn’t see audit and assurance duties as a tiresome obligation. We see them as an important opportunity to help your organisation improve and grow. Whatever we do for you – whether it be a statutory external audit or any other of our full range of assurance services – our ultimate aim is to help you achieve your wider business goals.

Outsourced services.

Our services will eliminate the need for, and consequent cost of, a dedicated in-house accounts solution. This service can provide timely, accurate financial information to help run your business effectively. At Azets our mission is to give you back your time.

Under this heading we offer the following services:

We can prepare regular management accounts and annual accounts for all entities These can be prepared at agreed monthly or quarterly periods or as when required for instance when seeking funding from banks or investors.

We compile and prepare statutory “unaudited” financial statements for companies with Company Office filing requirements.

We can provide a comprehensive book-keeping service tailored to suit your business.  All businesses are required to keep accurate records for a number of various reasons.  Compliance is an important issue and we provide a timely and accurate service to ensure that you can concentrate on your business while we deal with accounting functions.

Our service includes the preparation, completion and /or advice on all of the Central Bank of Ireland financial regulatory returns covering:

  • Monthly Metrics
  • Bi Annual Finrep Interim Accounts
  • Annual Finrep
  • Capital Adequacy statements including COREP

We provide this service either as an extension to our Accountancy & Book-keeping service outlined above or through receipt of a trial balance from your own accounts department.

We provide a comprehensive and confidential payroll service which is provided by our highly experienced staff and is tailored to suit each client's own requirements.

Our payroll service will provide;

  • Accurate calculation of weekly/monthly PAYE/PRSI liabilities
  • Preparation of weekly/monthly payslips for employees
  • Filing of all new returns under "PAYE Modernisation"
  • Timely responses to any payroll related queries ensuring the efficient and accurate running of your payroll function.

Our payroll service will reduce your operating costs, provide access to experienced professionals and ensure that the work is completed in an accurate and timely manner.

The new Companies Act 2014 retained the requirement for a company secretary. The retention of this requirement demonstrates the importance of the role of the company secretary in the eyes of the legislature. Given the importance of compliance with the Companies Act 2014 good company secretarial advice is vital.

Our experienced team provide services in the following areas:

  • Company formation and name changes
  • Completion and filing of Annual returns
  • Minutes and amendments to Company Constitutions
  • Maintenance of company registers

We provide a comprehensive and confidential Tax service which is provided by our highly experienced staff and is tailored to suit each client's own requirements.

Our Tax service will provide;

  • Preparation and filing of all direct tax returns
  • Preparation and filing of all indirect tax returns
  • Assistance with and drafting of replies to any tax queries received

Risk and Regulatory Advisory Services

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, our experts make it their job to understand your business deeply so they can offer the very best advice. From tax to regulation, all our experience and knowledge is focused on one simple aim: helping you thrive.

Under this area we offer three types of service:

Our compliance consultancy services are aimed at all entities offering investment business services in Ireland, who are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

We provide a hands-on compliance consultancy service to our clients. Our service covers:

  • The Authorisation Process
    Our experienced team will advise you on the appropriate authorisation (MIFID II, IIA, AIFMD etc) and then provide detailed support throughout the application process.
  • Amendments to Authorisation
    When considering an expansion to your services our team will guide you through an amendment of your authorisation to meet the needs of your proposed expansion.
  • Post Authorisation
    Once your entity has been authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) we provide practical guidance on the development and implementation of Policies, Procedures, Systems and Controls to ensure compliance with your authorisation obligations
  • On-going support
    On an on-going basis we can:
    • Develop annual compliance plans
    • Undertake the compliance monitoring testing as set out in the Compliance plan and provide relevant reports to the entity’s board on Compliance
    • Advise on any legislative changes and help with implementation of system’s changes resulting from these
  • Regulatory Returns Support
    We have a detailed knowledge of the regulatory returns required by the CBI. Our accountancy services include the completion and uploading of all such returns to the CBI online reporting system for sign off by the regulated entity, within the due deadline dates.
  • Regulatory Audits
    Our experience dealing with regulated entities allows us provide an efficient and professional audit service to regulated entities. Our service covers both:
    • Financial Statements and
    • Client Asset Examinations

Further details on these services are set out in the Audit and Accounting section of our website.

  • Other Compliance Services
    We offer:
    • Once off reviews of specific areas of a regulated business either where the firm has been requested, by the CBI, or the entity feels such a review would be of benefit.
    • Risk Governance reviews
    • Support in developing and reviewing a firm’s Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP)
    • Pre-CBI inspection reviews and practical guidance through an inspection.
    • Support with CBI correspondence / queries including the implementation of Risk Management Programmes (RMPs) issued by the CBI following an inspection
    • Guidance on complaint resolutions with clients

Assistance with Authorisations

  • Assistance with authorisation applications, including support in preparation and submission of forms and templates, and development of policies and procedures
  • Prompt engagement with the Central Bank and the firm’s legal advisers in connection with the application process

Prudential Capital Requirements

  •  Assistance with Preparation of ICAAP, ILAAP, and Recovery Plans


  • Assistance with the firm’s corporate governance framework and training to directors

Risk Management

  • Assistance with Risk Management Framework and risk registers
  • Support to Risk, Compliance (including AML and Product Governance) and Internal Audit Functions
  • Monitoring effectiveness of Risk and Compliance functions
  • Support on Fitness and Probity and Minimum Competency requirements
  • Skilled Persons Reports and Risk Mitigation Programmes

Corporate Finance

  • Assistance to firms in mergers and transfers of engagements
  • Assistance on Regulatory due diligence issues

Corporate Restructuring

  • Acting as liquidator to firms on MVLs
  • Assisting in connection with CBI Investigations
  • Advising on restructuring options for regulated firms

Whether you’re taking your business to the next level or building your personal wealth, tax can often become a major obstacle to achieving your ambitions.

When it comes to tax, our specialist team is dedicated to supporting individuals and businesses save money, time and inconvenience. With hundreds of years’ worth of combined experience across the firm, our extensive knowledge means we are able to advise you on virtually every tax issue imaginable.

Whether you’re an individual, family, sole trader, SME, multinational corporation or something in between, we understand that your challenges, priorities and goals are unique, so we tailor our services to fit exactly what you need.

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