While a cloud accounting solution can be an important tool on a business' growth journey, it needs to be matched to specific requirements in order to maximise output.  

Whatever stage you’re at on your digital journey, our specialist team are experts in matching businesses to the software that will help them thrive. By working closely with you to understand your needs, and then drawing on our extensive knowledge of the market, we design a cost-effective bespoke solution that will help you stay compliant, improve your efficiency, connect your people and systems and help you achieve your business and personal goals. 

We don’t try to fit your organisation into a one-size-fits-all product. Instead, whether you’re a sole trader or a large corporation, we work with a range of cloud software, desktop and specialist services to create a personalised package, underpinned by expert advice. 

SME business owners, with the latest technology, can access anywhere, anytime data about their business to give an overview and real-time insight into business performance.


Benefits of cloud accounting

Explore the benefits of cloud accounting technology and how implementing can enhance your business:

Cloud accounting brings new working practices aimed at reducing the time associated with data inputting, giving business leaders more time to focus on growing the business. Most cloud-based accounting software includes features such as bank feeds that automate postings into the software from entries on your electronic bank account statements and the ability to upload scanned images of receipts and supplier invoices.

There are also a number of innovative add-ons available, such as Dext, which converts key information from receipts and invoices into data that is automatically posted into your software. 

Cloud accounting software can help ensure compliance with regulation such as Making Tax Digital (MTD) as we move along the timeline.  

Regulation also usually involves deadlines and the repercussions for the likes of late VAT returns can lead to fines of up to 100% of the value of the VAT. Once in the penalty regime, it can take a year to get back out of it. The simplification of regulatory requirements through the use of technology can ensure deadlines are not missed and therefore no financial penalties to the business.  

Providing they have a functional internet connection, multiple users can login to cloud accounting software simultaneously from any location via their mobile, tablet or desktop computer. 

With real-time access to data, business owners don’t need to wait weeks, months or until year end to know how their business is performing. With up to date data available, this allows business owners to be proactive and adapt any plans to the business plan or strategy. 

You can be confident that you have an up-to-date picture of your financial data – allowing you to make more informed decisions about your business operations.  

Azets’ team of trusted business advisors can also spend time working and reviewing the data with you to help grow your business and help inform future business strategy plans. 

Getting paid quickly is key to positive cash flow, profitability and business growth. Xero’s latest Small Business Index highlighted that, on average, payments to businesses were made 7.1 days late in the three months to September 2023, which is 0.7 days longer than the average for the first half of 2023. Late payments make it difficult for businesses to invest, pay their own bills and manage cash flow. 

Using cloud accounting software allows for payment requests as soon as a good or service is delivered, encouraging quicker payments to be made. Software also easily allows you to forecast business cash flow – giving you time to plan ahead, and identify and respond to any potential issues early on. 

Most cloud accounting solutions also include features such as bank feeds that automate postings into the software from entries on your electronic bank statements and provide the ability to upload scanned images of receipts and supplier invoices. 

There are also a number of innovative add-ons available, such as Dext, which convert key information from receipts and invoices into data that is automatically posted into your software. 

Removing manual processes is a key benefit of cloud accounting software, and these are just some examples of how you can gain time back, gather more data about your business’ performance and plan ahead. 

The data offered within cloud accounting puts you in complete control of your business. Using cloud accounting technology reduces the potential for manual errors and mistakes so you know you’re working with accurate and live data about your business. Having access to this data and a trusted business advisor puts you in the driving seat of your business and back in control to run a healthy, profitable business versus the business controlling you. 

Our teams can guide you through the process of choosing and installing the best online accounting software for your business. We will make the data transfer as automated as possible and provide you with training. 

How our teams can help

We provide bespoke cloud accounting solutions based on your business and operations. Any recommendations or suggestions we make are based on the areas you want to improve in your business, for example, cashflow, getting paid quicker, real-time access to data about your business and time back to focus on growth priorities.  

Our team are on hand to advise, support, guide and train to help you realise the benefits of cloud accounting to help you run and grow your business. Our teams can help you with choosing, implementing, migrating and training.

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Systems review and recommendations

A systems review documenting your key processes, interaction between workflows and requirements for improvement with clear and concise recommendations is a valuable project to undertake if you are truly looking to get the most benefit from your systems.

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Migration and implementation

Using a migration and implementation team will not only help you understand which system is right for you, but they will also set up and design based on your specific circumstances for you to get the most from it. A specialist migration and implementation team will work closely with your business to understand your business needs and requirements with the aim of making any move seamless.

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Comprehensive training from the outset ensures that designated users within a business can utilise a cloud accounting system to the best of its capabilities and that any benefits are maximised. Training should be seen as an investment in your new system change and enable you to gain the most benefit from the new efficiencies as soon as possible.

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Post implementation support

Working with a specialist team for migration and implementation ensures the best system return on investment and having the support of a team post implementation is key to ensuring bad habits don’t creep in.

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App advisory

By engaging with a team who spend their time reviewing, demoing and testing lots of different apps it takes away the pressure of the unknown. When we work with businesses on implementing cloud software, we create an app roadmap which aligns with the overall adoption timeline and objectives.

Data health checks  Image

Data health checks

By reviewing your data quality on a regular basis in order to ensure that it is free from errors, duplications or anything that may cause inconsistency or error in your reporting or insights is key to build into your overall system change.

What is cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting software works in a similar way to desktop accounting software that has been available for over a decade. The main difference between cloud and desktop packages is that, instead of installing the software on your computer, cloud packages run on remote, secure servers which are accessed using a web browser 

Data is securely stored on the cloud, giving you instant access to real-time financial information regarding your accounts which can be accessed and worked on from any location in the world with an internet connection, via any device. Cloud accounting is more secure than traditional accounting methods as there is no requirement to transfer data between your business and your accountant and business advisor 

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