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    03 May 2023
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Bang the Drum, a podcast brought to you by Azets

In each episode, host Emma Sheppard will be joined by specialist advisors and business leaders to discuss the latest trends and topics, and provide practical advice for ambitious SME owners and entrepreneurs.

We’ll answer your burning questions and share insights to help current and future business leaders navigate challenges and make the best decisions, from the leading voice for SMEs across Europe.

Bang the Drum is available to stream now on all major podcast platforms, including Apple and Spotify. Follow and subscribe on your favourite player, leave a review and share it with others who you think might enjoy it.

You can contact Bang the Drum at podcast@azets.co.uk.


Bang The Drum - Episodes


Episode 1 - Cash is King

  • As SME businesses continue to face significant threats in the face of the current economic environment, characterised by rising prices and tighter financial conditions, this episode is focused on what SME businesses must do to protect cashflow.

Episode 2 - Accounting Tech

  • Studying trends in accounting technology and what’s next for the industry. How can the development of smart new accounting tech help SME business clients to grow?

Episode 3 - Diversity & Inclusion – More Than Just Words

  • How to build a happy, innovative, and productive workforce by integrating diversity and inclusion into your business culture.

Episode 4 - Time to Buy

  • Discussing when, how and why acquisitions might become part of your business strategy for growth – from the perspective of the buyer and the seller. It’s an approach that can unlock substantial opportunities for SMEs but can also be fraught with risk.

Episode 5 - Green, Green Growth

  • The importance of ESG and sustainability for SME business leaders; some of the low-cost, high impact initiatives that can be use; and how to turn being good to the environment into profitable growth. Download a guide on how to make your business more sustainable here.

Episode 6 - When Cultures Collide

  • How to lead a growing international organisation and integrate diverse cultures to create a homogenous business.

Episode 7 - Spring Budget Special

  • Billed as a ‘growth’ Budget that aims to get the UK economy growing sustainably again, what levers did the Chancellor pull and what support has been offered to business leaders to boost economic growth?

Episode 8 – How To Be Resilient

  • Times are tough. So, how do SME business leaders maintain continuous operations, protect people and assets, and preserve brand equity in the face of disruption?

Episode 9 – Getting Payroll Right

  • Discussing the importance of having a successful payroll process and when is the right time for a growing SME business to seek help.

Episode 10 – Investing In Innovation

Discussing business innovation and what incentives are available to research-intensive SMEs. We’ll explore Research & Development (R&D) tax relief and capital allowances, and explain how entrepreneurs can navigate this seemingly complex world.

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